According to the current political dynamic of India, is India is an effective or weak state?

India is the largest democratic country in the whole world. It has the most diverse population in the world with 11 types of religion and 121 languages spoken all over the country. With this diversity, there also have political diversity among them. There are many small and big political parties exist. India is not an effective country at all for the various issues because of poor economic growth, lack of unity state and federal government, and so on.

According to my point of view, India is a politically weak country. I have pointed out some points for supporting my argument.

Weak opposition party.

India has a large number of opposition parties but the main opposition party is the Congress party which is the oldest party in this subcontinent lead by Rahul Gandhi. The colation between the Congress party and other party beginning to fall and many of the party members think that Rahul Gandhi is not a capable leader. Many international leaders such as Barack Obama 44th U.S. President also mention in his latest book “A Promised Land” that Rahul Gandhi isn’t a capable leader.

Lake of unity among state and federal government.

After BJP lost many state elections like in West Bangle to Mamata Banerjee and Maharashtra to Shiv Sena lead by Uddhav Thackeray they don’t want to fund enough money. They always trying to make the state government weaker because of their lack of unity in political ideology. As a result of this kind of activity, many sectors of the central and state government are not functioning properly.

The extreme economic crisis

On 8 November 2016, PM Narendra Modi announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes will not have the legal standard over a night to fight black money in the country. After the demonetization Reserve Bank of India reported that 93% of the money came back to the bank, as a result, it was a huge loss from the economical point of view to fight against black money. This year India’s GDP fall about -23.9% which is the lowest in the world many government officials blaming the pandemic and act of GOD but many economists speculate that pandemic isn’t the only reason for this downfall, demonetization, GST and other government action lead to this economical crisis of the country. As a result of this economic crisis, millions of people lost their jobs, livelihood.

Lake of transparency of economical status

There has been questioning for years of Modi government transparency. Many journalists in recent years speculated that the government is trying to hide the data like job loss data. Many highest government officials resign from their posts as a protest. They’re also a recent scandal over the purchase of Rafale Fire Fighter for the Indian Air force that over billion-dollar money more paid by the government to help the BJP loyalist business person.

Massive protest against the government and their rule.

There are many massive protests against the ruling government(BJP) in recent times like protests against the NRC and CAA rule by the government, where the government will register every citizen in the country and intentionally cut the Muslim people’s citizenship. Another ongoing protest right now is the farmer rights protest, it’s a result of the government’s controversial law where the large companies will able to take advantage of the agricultural sector.

Lake of free press or media

In a democratic country, a free press is an important part of democracy, it’s considered the fourth pillar of democracy. Nowadays most of the press looks like they work for the BJP party instead of the people. Instead of questioning the ruling government, they are working on what flavor the BJP government. They even called “The farmer and citizenship protest” had funded and influenced by the Pakistan Government which is totally wrong. Many international media illustrated this lake of free press in the country like TRT, BBC, DW, Al-Jazeera.

So we can see from the evidence above whether is this politically sound or not. A successful country must need some common properties like economic stability, freedom of speech, the function opposition party, Unity among state and federal government, and so on. And most importantly state data transparency is crucial so that countrymen of the state can beware about their country status as well as they can criticize the government. Mass media must need to allow criticize the ruling parties activity. So we can say India is not an effective state and it’s becoming weaker gradually.

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